T-MOD Application { Jordyn }

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T-MOD Application { Jordyn }

Post by Jordyn on Thu Jan 14, 2016 1:56 pm

If you don't meet all requirements, your application will be instantly denied.
- must be 15 years old or older
- Must have at least 3 days game time
- Must have 10+ posts on the forums (spam will be excluded)
- Must not have 4 or more warnings (forum or server)
- You must not have any ongoing bans
- You must not have been banned for longer than 1 week (unless unbanned through appeal)

Personal Info
Real name (doesn't need to be full name):

Age: 15

Thoughts about StarWarsRP: StarWarsRP is an immense high action filled game, you are roleplaying at the start as a Clone trooper and make it through your ranks by listening to commands and obeying your higher ranks at all times. Everyone starts from the bottom and get to choose their career path for themselves. Light, dark or neutral the choice is yours. I am a Jedi Padawan with the Master Starkiller, I obey his commands and follow his instructions till the dawn of time. If I do not, you may face consequences that will put you back on track. I love the way the server is set up and the amazing people I roleplay with everyday that keep on producing entertainment for me. Without the people on the server we would not have the amazing server we have. I love doing tasks for my Master, sweeping Naboo to see if it safe or not, to helping the recruits in Hoth. I love seeing well trained Clone Troopers ran by the most talented Commanders. StarWarsRP is a great thing and my favourite game type on Gmod for sure.

What is your favorite game?: Gmod and League of Legends

How many hours do you have on Garry's Mod?: 1,429

Ingame Info
How much do you know about StarWarsRP?: I know a lot about StarWarsRP, it is mainly revolved around recreating the movies into a playable Gmod game that can be played by people who love to act, roleplay and love to watch starwars. Following the rules is very important and listening to your higher ranks as they are who will determine your future, this gamemode is all about having fun in a Serious RP way. There are tryouts you can go to to join different factions and becoming certain things that you want to be, maybe its a mandolorian, maybe its a droid or a Jedi Master, their is no limit in StarWarsRP.

How many hours do you have on the server(screenshot)?:

RP Name: CT 0303 Jordyn

STEAMID?: STEAM_0:0:84648549

Steam Name?: Jordyn

Admin Info
If someone threatens to DDoS the server what would you do?: I would take it very seriously, I would goto them and ask for them to not do it while getting a higher rank to assist me, from there we would seriously try to cooperate with the threat and calm them down if they still intend to there will be a serious punishment put, even if it is a permanent ban so we don't get ddos'd and ruin the experience for the people online role playing as we want it to be a fun safe environment, I would also get some evidence of these events and would happily provide them to the higher ranked staff.

If someone finds a glitch in the server and reports it to you, what would you do first?: I would let a higher rank know, like Joe and let him know of the glitch and let him know what it is, what it does and who reported it to me so then hopefully he or someone could fix it before it is abused. I would also ask the person reporting it not to use it anymore and to keep it to themselves. If they keep doing the glitch there would be a punishment put in place. I would also need to get some evidence of the glitch.

If someone was to break NLR, what would be the punishment?: I would warn them by for NLR and tell them the rules again and tell them what they can and cant do in NLR and how it works if they do not fully understand what NLR is nor means.

If another admin breaks a rule or abuses powers, what would you do?: I would get some evidence of which I would use to send to the owner, I would also ask them to stop and if they are not cooperating I would try to get assistance asap to demote them, or even ban if they are being that abusive.

Do you know how to use ULX? If not will you be willing to read about it?: Yes I do know how to use ULX fluently, I have had a lot of experience as a mod and stuff.

Do you know how to use FAdmin? Yes I do know how to use the FAdmin commands.

I accept that I am a representative of republic gaming, and that I have been given these powers to make the experience of others better. I accept that I may be demoted at any time by a senior member of staff without prior warning, as long as a valid reason is given. I have read all the rules and understand them completely, if not I will ask a higher staff member for a better explanation.


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Re: T-MOD Application { Jordyn }

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 14, 2016 2:21 pm



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