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Server Rules

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:22 pm

If you are found to break any rules, you are open to punishment. This does not only include users, this includes staff members.

- No RDM
- NLR generally applies for 5 min (see raid)
- Only staff can spawn props [grammar & clarification]
- No ship ramming (deliberately hitting others with your ship)
- No ship shooting
- No ship abuse (hopping in ship to avoid taking damage during raid)
- Respect all players, regardless of bias (age, staff .etc)
- Use common sense in all situations
- Follow your factions chain of command
- Never ask for a promotion
- The only job that can use rocket boots are mandalorians
- Do not use LAATs, for normal transportation only to be used for raids
- Do not move when restrained unless specifically told so by your captor
- Do not use force leap to jump between planets
- This is a serious RP server, and fail RP is a punishable offence [clarified]
- You may not interfere with recruits or their training in any way [clarified]
- You may not use a Imperial Heavy Repeater unless you are a commander or captain, troopers must not use the weapon

- Do not sit down or sit on vehicles during a Raid
- Always use common sense, what would your character do?
- You must role play any sort of kidnapping, surround the enemy and role play it from their. If the person fail fears tell an admin so it can be resolved.

- Kidnapping is to be done by mandalorians only,
- You can only kidnap if the player is not close to anyone else and is not in the middle of any sort of training or tryouts e.g You want a commander but he is doing tryouts (can not do), a commander has 3 or more clones around him (can not do)
- If you kidnap someone you can hold them for a maximum of 10 minutes before having to either let them go or executing them.

- You can only use T-21's for hits that involve a force user
- You can only use the rocket boots for 3 seconds before having to land
- You can not fly between planets using the rocket boots

Force Users:
- Double lightsabers are to be only used for the third highest and up (Usually council members)
- Double lightsabers have to be length of 45 while single can be 50.
- Blade width is 2
- Do not use the count dooku hilt, unless you are count dooku.
- Do not use the wrong colour, for your lightsaber. AKA using the colour red if you are a jedi.
- Jedi and the sith can not use dark inner blade, only ancient empire and the fallen empire.

- Raids MUST be for RP reasons and have to be negotiated between both factions
- To raid a planet/location you must type "/advert RAID (location)"
- If you die during a raid, you may not participate in the remainder of the raid
- If you spawn in the area a raid is going on, you must crouch for the remainder of the raid
- A raid fails if all invaders die or the invaders call a retreat
- After a failed raid, you must wait 10 Minutes before trying again
- A raid succeeds if you complete your objective (e.g Occupying a planet, stealing some goods .etc)
- You must wait 15 minutes after a successful raid before you raid again
- You may only recapture a planet 20 minutes after it is first taken
- When raiding as a faction, only the leader has to advert raid
- If you are raiding/being raided with rocket boots you can only fly in the air for 3 seconds and have to wait 2 seconds after landing to take flight again

DDLC Packages:
- DDLC characters are decided by the emperor if their should be chosen or random people playing the job, you must follow the your emperors wishes
- With the Sith package you can not play as the emperor job as that job is restricted to the emperor only.


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